• Fern Lee

Travel the world from your armchair #WKFWK

It's Spring Break.

During lockdown.

This has been the toughest challenge yet as a mother during this pandemic.

Homework was hard. But a bored child? Triple, no, QUADRUPLE the anxiety and boredom.

So here's a list of armchair travel that I've come up with that you could do with your kids, or have them travel on their own. Take a journey with them through magical lands courtesy of Google Trek (https://www.google.com/maps/about/treks/#/grid) or through a museum or gallery that you've always wanted to visit but never could.





Here are a list of museums and galleries you can visit whilst sipping a latte from your sofa.

I hope this helps relieve some of the boredom and give you something unusual and interesting to do from the armchair. WKHWK is challenging at best but may we find the beauty and splendor in having time with our kids.

Stay safe and sane,





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