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Some Useful Websites for Job Hunting in This Difficult Time

Here are some job websites that might be useful for your job search. I compiled this for a client of mine looking to find a new position amidst this difficult time.

General job sites:

  1. Indeed.com

  2. Glassdoor

  3. Monster.com

  4. CALJobs

  5. CareerBuilder

  6. SimplyHired

For more tech-specific job websites:

  1. DICE

  2. Angel.co

  3. Hired.com

  4. Hiretechladies.com - specifically for women in tech!

  5. Powertofly.com

I'd recommend getting on to a couple of these sites that you like but applying for the jobs on the company's website itself. I would not recommend putting your profile and resume on any of these sites. They tend to invite recruiter spam who just want you on your books and build your hopes up. 

Also, I'll be putting together a video of how to job hunt amidst coronavirus soon so watch out for those emails. If you haven't already, download my 5 tips for Job Hunting Amidst the Coronavirus here.

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