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Procrastination : How do you overcome it?

Updated: Jan 2

How do you overcome procrastination?

Examine your own true feelings. Delve deeper. When procrastination sets in, I have found from working with my clients that it comes from a mental block rather than a physical impediment.

We use excuses like "not enough time" or "waiting on XYZ to happen first" as reasons for not moving ahead with our goal. But in my experience, it is all got to do with deep-seated fear 90% of the time.

**What are those fears? **Can you meet them head-on?

Sometimes it is so deep-seated that we aren't even aware of them. Sometimes it just takes a second to stop, and investigate it a little bit more deeply.

// Is it a fear of failing?

// A fear of looking like a fool to others?

// A fear of inadequacy and shame?

Whatever the reason for your procrastination, I urge you to examine it objectively.

Come up with a response to each of them. Can you turn that story around? How will you respond if it is a friend telling you their fears?

I urge you to reframe your narrative. Tell the other side of the story.

//You haven't failed. You haven't even started yet! Who knows? You may succeed!

//Others don't have time to think about me! Everyone is too worried about themselves to focus on me! (And who cares what they think!) //If I am unable to do something, I can learn. I can always learn! Nobody knows everything.

In this way, you learn that procrastination is just another form of fear. By learning how to manage our fears, we can meet them head-on and turn the narrative around to a positive one.

Have a great week ahead!

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