• Fern Lee

How to make "selling" easier for you

I recently read that a law firm in Northern California hired a sales director. An increasing number of law firms have hired marketing and business development directors to aid in their businesses. These directors aren't lawyers. They are trained purely in the sales, business development and marketing sphere.

What does "selling" mean to you as a professional?

It is no longer the case that professionals can ignore "selling" or running their firm like a business.

With fierce competition, how do we bring clients in through the door?

  1. Thinking about your relationship with your current clients. Don't lose your current market. Repeat selling to current clients is easier than bringing in a new customer. Referrals are also a big way to get new clients so keep your current relationships good.

  2. Find out what your prospective clients want. And give it to them. The key to selling is to give the clients what they want. Trying to give them something that they don't want won't work. 

  3. Hang out where your prospective clients will be. Find out who your clients are and find out where they like to be. Offer some free useful advice, be known for being useful and generous. 

  4. Develop a business development mindset. Remember that business development is a part of your work as much as the law. Without the client, you won't have any work to work on.

  5. Schedule in business development into your activities each day. There is always an opportunity to grow your business. Schedule it in so that you don't lose out.

Update and participate in groups for LinkedIn and other social media, chat with a current client, attend a networking meeting. Don't miss it out just because you don't like it. You never know when your next (big) lead will come from.

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