• Fern Lee

How to grow your confidence in 60 secs!

Can you grow your confidence in 60 secs?

I say YES!

My secret? The Superman pose! Just watch the video for a demonstration.

We all know how Superman stands: arms on his hips, legs apart, chin up and looking majestic. Well, I recommend that we do that every morning before we start the day, before a meeting starts, before a presentation we have to give ... whenever we need a boost in our confidence really.

Non-verbal language is the signal we send out to the world even before we have spoken. It tells the world how confident we are already from our posture, or gestures or facial expressions.

By presenting a power pose (as Amy Cuddy calls it) early in the morning, we start the day with our chest out, our head held up high and our posture erect. It makes us laugh as it is such a fun exercise yet it takes only a few seconds to complete.

It helps us build our confidence even if was only at that moment that you did it. BUT with practice and repetition, you'll find that your brain retains that memory of playfulness and fun. If you practice it every day several times a day, you'll find that it becomes natural and normal.

Soon enough, you will be doing power poses and standing up straight instead of shrinking back in your seat without even thinking about it.

When we lack confidence, we tend to shrink back in our seats, not look people in the eye, make ourselves small really. I used to do this a lot, to avoid getting any attention. I was afraid to be called upon in meetings, noticed or singled out for fear of wrongdoing or negativity.

But I was unhappy. I wanted to be recognized for my efforts. I wanted to contribute and be a key part of the team or organization. I wanted my voice to be heard because I believed I had important things to contribute.

So I worked at building my confidence, not being shy or afraid of attention.

I learned that sitting up, making myself taller and more visible, looking someone in the key were simple actions I could take to start growing my confidence. And that took no time at all. In fact, I could implement them immediately.

I still had to grapple with feelings of self-doubt and fear, but I practiced and worked on these non-verbal cues. Even if it felt unnatural, I'd try them out to test my own (and other people's) reactions. Until they became natural to me.

You cannot believe the change in me over the last few years. I can hardly believe it myself. So I truly believe that taking these steps will be the first leading to increased confidence and joy!



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