• Fern Lee

How to achieve happiness (and contentment) in a minute

When we set goals, we think that we will be happy once we achieve them. But when we do achieve them, we realize that we still aren't happy. We are forever striving for the next goal, and there is always another goal over the horizon that we can be achieving.

Why are we still not satisfied when we achieve our goals?

Goals are external. They are always changing. We are always comparing ourselves to someone else who has better and bigger results. So even when we achieve our goals, we don't think it is enough. We allow an external component to determine our happiness.

What can we do?

Look for our purpose - the reason we do what we do. Our purpose is internal, within us. The reason why we carry on when we fail, why we persist over and over again. It is what motivates us.

So if we get our purpose right, if we understand and clarify the WHY within us versus goal setting, where we strive for something outside of ourselves that we think will make us happy, then we are focused on the activity that makes us happy, not on the outcome which we think will make us happy (and seldom does).

In this way, we might not mind the failures so much. In fact, the failures will be irrelevant. It's how we feel when we act that brings us joy instead.

Enjoy the journey and the results will come.





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