• Fern Lee

Changing careers: what should you consider?

Updated: Jan 2

If you are considering a change in careers, ponder this:

1) Is income a consideration?

2) How long are you willing to invest in the new career before it gives you an income that is regular and sufficient?

3) What do you love about your old career?

4) Can you see yourself retiring in your new career?

5) How do you feel about starting from scratch?

6) Do you have any mentors in the new career?

7) How much support do you have in your new pursuit, from family and friends?

8) Do you know anyone who can help you in your new career?

9) What about work-life balance?

10) If you don't pursue this change, will you regret it?

10 questions to get you thinking about the practical and emotional aspects of a change in career.

Are you established in your current one and want a change?

Will you be prepared for a mental adjustment to being the most inexperienced, lowest paid person in the organization?

If you are more mature, could you fight your way through ageism to get what you want?

Consider your new career possibility.

// Can you try it out first? Maybe as a serious hobby or juggling your current role with the new one?

// Can you volunteer in that role to "trial" it out first?

If you think that this is what you want, think outside the box. Instead of quitting your day job and rushing into a new career with no regular income or prospects, maybe you can try it out by volunteering first.

There is one way to skin a cat the old adage goes. There is more than one way to move into a new career successfully.

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