• Fern Lee

Changing Careers: The Fear That Holds You Back

Change can be scary. We might not even want to explore changing careers because it could signify failure and uncertainty for us.

However, if it is a desire that beckons to us persistently, we shouldn't ignore it, or deny its existence.

But how can we move forward safely without increasing our levels of anxiety?

Consider exploring what fears and uncertainties are holding us back.

What exactly is it that we are afraid of?

Do a deep dive. Journaling, free writing, even going for a long walk to clear your mind will help bring your deep fears up to the surface.

Identifying what's holding you back can help you address the issues. It can free your mind to continue in its pursuit of your new goal. Be honest. It is really easy to skim over things. Being honest helps you unblock what's holding you back so you can move forward.

After doing a deep dive, I discovered that my reluctance to practice law was related to my parents. Their insistence that I practice law made me doubt my own interest in it, simply because I saw it as my parents' choice for me.

I also believed that if I had free will, my other choices would have suited my needs much more and guaranteed me success which I did not believe I had in legal practice. But in reality, I have had success in practicing the law, and I cannot say for certain that I would have succeeded in my other choice.

Doing a deep dive allowed me to question my assumptions, and realize what my fears and uncertainties were. I also realized that they could be addressed so I could move forward with it.

Ask yourself - what's holding you back? Write down your concerns. See you if you can address each one of them so that you can move forward. I hope this helps you make a decision to do something about that nagging feeling!

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