• Fern Lee

Changing careers -- A second chance.

I used to view my desire to change careers as lost opportunity.

I imagined that my previous career choice was a mistake. I should have known better.

Should've. Would've. Could've.

Three very unhelpful phrases.

Recently, I began to think of new career choices as second chances. Even when you were unequivocal in your career choice the first time around, sometimes things happen. Or maybe you're just done with all the things you wanted to accomplish in your first choice.

Just because we have one life, it doesn't mean we only get one choice. There is the possibility of a second (or third!) career in all of us.

My first choice for a career was law.

There was a great deal of parental pressure on me to choose law. I always felt that I had to do it. I did want to do it, but I wasn't sure. I convinced myself that if I had it my way, I wouldn't have chosen law and be stuck in what I considered a dead-end job.

I spent years thwarting my opportunities. I did enjoy some of it. But I mostly griped and grumbled. But deep down, I did choose it. I was just afraid to admit it. I wanted it to be someone else's fault if it didn't work out.

It was whilst I was still a lawyer that I trained to become an executive coach. I love being a coach. The impact I have on women's lives makes me keep going.

But I am beginning to think about what I can do in law again, how I can combine the two so that I can make a bigger impact on women's lives. I entered law for a reason, just like I entered coaching for a reason.

And it would appear that I did both for the same reason -- to better women's lives.

It does not mean that they have to be mutually exclusive.

It does not mean I have to choose one over the other.

I can do both.

When you are thinking of changing careers, consider whether this is an opportunity for a second chance.

You are getting a do-over. What will you do differently? How can you approach things? Are you looking at the situation with different lenses?

Realize that with every opportunity you get, be true to your authentic self. Don't deny yourself your feelings. Be honest. Only then can you make an honest decision.

Have a great day!

With gratitude,





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