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3 steps you must do when you are job hunting

Updated: Jan 2

Job hunting is complicated nowadays.

Gone are the days when you could look up the Classifieds (what are those again?) and send in a resume. Job hunting has taken a complicated turn, especially if you've had a break, or you'd like to find another position which you may (or may not) have the relevant skills for.

What 3 steps should you be doing when job hunting?

  1. Speak to your contacts or friends about it. Nowadays, more employers find their employees through referrals. It is who you know rather than what you know, which is fast becoming important. While we can debate the merits of this concern, it is fast becoming the way of the world. Speak to trusted friends and colleagues who might know someone you can speak to. You might think it isn't ethical, but this gets you a foot in the door. You still have to demonstrate that you are capable and a good fit for the company. Just because you know someone does not guarantee you a position. It merely opens the door for you which you otherwise might not have, no matter how good your resume is.

  2. Research the role you want. Do you already know what the job entails? Does it fit into your current lifestyle or the lifestyle that you want? There might be several reasons why you want to change position. Maybe you are going into a new position after a break, or you feel you have outgrown your current role and want something more challenging. Perhaps you want a change in lifestyle and you see an opportunity to move into a different role to suit your lifestyle. Oftentimes, many of us see the role in its professional capacity - what will it do for my finances, my reputation, my career opportunities. But few of us see it as an opportunity to think about whether you are a good cultural fit for the company, whether their culture suits us. Do they provide flexible working hours? What's their policy on emergencies and family time? Do they encourage an 'all-hours' work culture? Do they frown upon working from home? How are they on holidays? Researching an organization's culture gives us an opportunity to see if we are a good fit for them. In helps us take into consideration what changes we would like in our future lifestyle. Do we want more flexible working hours? Do we want more time for our personal projects?

  3. Tailor your resume and cover letter. Some clients I've had in the past simply send the same cover letter and resume out to everyone they had been applying to. I believe that each resume and cover letter should be personal. Figure out what each organization you are applying to is looking for, research their background and their culture, then tailor your resume and cover letter to suit. It goes a long way when the HR person or interviewer reads your resume and cover letter and notices those personal touches. It shows that you have done the research and are willing to put in the effort. Out of the thousands that they have to read, this will make your application stand out and make them remember you.

This is the start of your job hunt. It isn't an easy task BUT if you follow these 3 steps, it'll make your task a little easier.

Any comment? Do email me at fern@fernleecoaching.com and let me know what else you would add? What has worked for you (and what hasn't)?

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