• Fern Lee

3 simple rules I live by - making working (and living) simpler

It's a beautiful start to the new year! Thank you for joining me in my first new year blogpost.

Over the holiday period, I've been thinking about what I've learned in last year, and how I could simplify my rules for good living and working.

I can boil this down to 3 rules. I realize that living according to these rules made my life simpler. Simpler but not easier. These rules can be hard to live by but I realized that if I set up these rules, I was able to live according to my values and purpose. And that made life a lot simpler for me.

What are the 3 rules I live by?

1) What is my truth?

2) Setting up my boundaries.

3) Am I giving away my power?

In the next few blogposts and videos, I will be explaining what these mean to me. But before then, I'd like you to think about what these mean to you. Do these 3 rules resonate with you in anyway? Can you write them down?

Watch out for my next post on what's my truth! If you have any questions please email me or comment below.

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