Case Studies
Case Study 1 : Promotion and pay raise

I had a client come to me because she wanted a promotion and a pay raise. She had worked for the law firm for 4 years and had never been given either. She kept being passed up for promotion and not understanding why.


She believed that if she was worthy and doing good work, she didn't have to ask for them. Her bosses would recognize her contribution and do the right thing. 

But it never happened.


She was confused and upset. She felt that she was a good lawyer yet didn't understand why she didn't get promoted or a pay raise. Was she not good enough?

When this client came to me, she didn't have the confidence to ask for the promotion and raise. She was afraid that the answer would be that she wasn't good enough.

She also had self-limiting beliefs that she couldn't be good at her job if she had never been given either. This also stopped her from looking elsewhere and finding her dream job.


After just 3 months of working on building her confidence, creating a strategy and a practical plan to gain her both, this client was finally able to ask for the promotion and pay raise she wanted. 

She got both.

What's more, a month after getting promoted, she applied for her dream job, a job that she would never have tried for before coaching because she would have assumed it was out of her league.


Instead, with her newfound confidence, she applied for the position and got that too.

She was delighted with the results we had achieved together and couldn't believe that it had taken us only 3 months to achieve all her goals. She felt free to move ahead with building her career unlike before where she felt stuck and unhappy.

Case Study 2 : Promotion and clarity of purpose

Another one of my clients was a female partner in a firm, the first in the history of the firm she worked in. She had always wanted to make partner, and had worked hard to achieve it. When she was finally promoted, she was very proud of having achieved such a significant milestone.


But soon after achieving her promotion, she felt uncertain about her role. This was her dream job yet, she felt confused and unfocused. She began doubting her ability to be a partner. She didn't understand why she was feeling like this and decided to seek my help.

While working with her over a period of 6 months, we identified that this new role was unchartered territory for her and her firm, having never had a female partner in the firm. Through our work together, my client discovered that she had to define this new role for herself and distinguish herself in her firm and field.


We worked on identifying her goals as the first and only female partner in the firm, creating strategies and workable solutions that would help her achieve this. 


She also identified a lack of professional support for herself so we also worked on finding her a professional women's network outside the firm whom she could turn to for support and guidance.

After 6 months, this client felt more secure in her role and continued to build her unprecedented success to implement her vision for the firm. 


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