About Me

Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

Since 2014, I’ve helped my clients break through the obstacles that have been holding them back in their professional life.

Whether you are entering the workforce for the first time or returning to it after a break, or have been in it for a number of years now and want to progress, I can help.

As a lawyer who has worked in corporates for 12 years, I have experienced what professional women go through in male-dominated industries.

I wish I knew then what I know now!

  • That gender bias is real (not just in your head)

  • That women aren't getting hired as much as men are even though there are more female graduates each year (there is real evidence)

  • That we don't get to the top because of the lack of women being hired AND because of bias

  • That there are ways to help ourselves in the workplace

  • That we are much more powerful than we are given credit for.

I have seen first-hand how bias and discrimination can set one's career back. I've certainly experienced my fair share of it. 

But I have also experienced how by employing the right tools and techniques, you can manage the situation differently and to your favor. Knowledge gained not through school but through experience.

I understand how difficult it is to be a professional woman in the workplace. No matter what level of your career you're at.

I want to impart what I've learned to you. So you don't have to discover it all on your own. 

I want to help you succeed and thrive. 


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